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A lot of creative agencies as well as business firms today are seeking to select the best project management software that suits their business. And Project Management is basically about “getting things done” however, using fundamental Project Management Software might impede development with your team and clients. Well, first you may be require to consider exactly what you want from a Project Management Tool in order to make the best choice.

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With a lot of Project Management Software tools to pick from, it can be a lengthy and somewhat difficult procedure when examining which one is most ideal for your team. Different software bundles provide different functionality and features so to start with it’s important to establish the team and project requirements and after that the very best fit in terms of the project management tool.


Job Management.

This might sound apparent but handling jobs effectively for most creative agency is crucial, these jobs serve as turning points of tasks and once completed– so is the project. Jobs are the tasks on the project course and appointing them to appropriate project managers and employee needs to be the very first stage of any project for a creative agency. Utilizing a Project Management software that synchronises with your default calendar, such as Google Calendar for instance, also guarantees back up of your projects therefore there never has to be an overlooked job. Task management enables groups and groups to assign, undertake and share essential targets and objectives necessary to complete tasks.

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A lot of projects involved large number of sub tasks that have to be streamlined in a reliable workflow capability and so utilising a dedicated project and job management tool is important for time and resource management in addition to efficient teamwork. Therefore the job management function of any selected Project Management software need to be priority as it sets the start of the project flow.


Collaboration and Group Discussions.

Project Management isn’t practically setting milestones and appointing jobs, Project Collaboration is likewise important. For many creative agencies, Project Collaboration means including all team and group members in discussions, utilizing an online forum wherein remarks, document changes and real-time chat for those off-site personnel and clients to be kept ‘in the loop’ on projects’ progress, even if project members are in different geographical location.


This also offers a level of group responsibility and utilizing an ideal creative agency software that offers functions such as version control on files, group chat and a fast and simple and quick method to submit/upload and handle files and folders, will offer the project group with a work space in which to work together successfully.



File Management.

Managing projects within groups and with or for clients for most creative agencies, involves a lot of Data. File sharing and management thus uses up a large part of the process. It is important to know your files are protected, well organised and simple to see and access, edit and share. Version control as well as Audit trails guarantee that not just is the project completely ‘backed-up’ (so less room for mistake) but also encourages the type of group partnership needed. The days of prolonged e-mail chains, lost or missing files and accidentally leaving key team members out of the project loop can be laid to rest with this creative agency software tool.

This days customers, personnel and stakeholders in general need to be notified, kept updated and able to access basics files and files at the click of a button and on-the-go or off site. This can be satisfied more so, by utilizing a project management software tool with an accompanying App.

Selecting a reputable platform that is proficient and robust enough in regards to security, storage and ease of usage, is a must-have when it concerns choosing the ideal software.

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Client Relations.

Including clients throughout every stage of jobs you work on for them will assist pave the way for rely on your businesscreative agency software review and can help engage them with your group further. This then implies it would be needful to work with a Project Management Software that offers far more than the essential job management and seminar. A great solution/choice is one that offers an all including member welcome location with customisable permissions; So your team can invite customers and other external stakeholders that are included with the project to access, at your discretion as administrator, certain files, folders, discussions and tasks but not always have access to your internal interactions and conversations.


White Label Solution.

Another choice of a creative agency software would be to think about a White Label Project Management Software; it can be even more advantageous for your business, agency and brand identity if it has your very own logos and branding. Integrating the internal project management for your team with a portal that can also be utilized as an own-branded extranet to collaborate with clients.

There are few White-Label platforms that can provide the features required for Project Management in addition to external customer partnership, so it’s crucial to shop around. As soon as customers feel on board with the project, are completely engaged and informed, they will feel a sense of value for your company in addition to enabling them to develop their business relationships with your workforce. The up side of this creative agency software tool, obviously, is that when getting appreciation and recognition from clients for their project progress, your group will hold a greater sense of responsibility, inspiration and job fulfillment.


Ease of access and Accountability.

Similar to every project, timing, accountability and deadlines indicate that enhancing activities as efficiently as possible require certain tools. Some companies might count on emails, FTP servers, CRM systems, calendars and different group communication intranets to accomplish this, which is great, if they want to take even longer on jobs than is necessary. However finding one tool for creative agency platform that pulls together the file, task, event, team and customer management had to fulfill due dates on time and to everybody’s expectations will guarantee an enrolled and more refined process.

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Various types of software range from Desktop to Server based, nevertheless web based Project Management software offers a much more integrated approach, with frequently the capability to access files and project info via mobile Apps. With increasingly more staff working off site, clients from the workplace and worldwide stakeholders all working on documents and projects, accessibility is a vital part of the Project Management cycle.

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Price vs. Value.

Now cost and budgets are most project (and monetary) department’s concern. Managing and finishing tasks on time and in spending plan are mostly top priority. Some open source creative agency software tools provide totally free packages; it is fair to wish to get value for cash, as long as quality is not sacrificed.

Focusing on rate alone might lead you into an incorrect sense of security with your chosen creative agency Software Tool. Quality products may cost somewhat more or a little less than others, however the genuine issue that firms and project managers are usually after here is value. Taking some time to take a look at which of the software for creative agency offers the very best value for cash in terms of all its capability, as well as taking into consideration how typically you would be utilizing the tool within your company, will make it simpler to choose based on general viability, durability and scalability of the tool as your company grows.


Will it satisfy your requirements?

Many of the available Project Management Software tools provide month-to-month bundles without any lengthy contract, which also supplies a safety internet, must you find it is not compatible.

Ultimately a Project Management software tool needs to strike specific tick boxes and with such a variety it can be job in itself finding the right one! Remembering to get the most in regards to performance, advantages and general efficiency means that list can be whittled down in less time than first idea. Permitting you to continue with project coordination, collaboration and mountain of tasks you have, in a much faster and organised way.

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Introducing The Function Point Project Management Software

  • The function point project management software is a web-based time sheet creative agency software tool manufactured for various agencies who desire accounting, CRM etc.
  • Being a fully integrated software, the function point software is a multi-purpose cloud based software designed to effectively assist creative agency all around the world.
  • It also comes with nice interface with easily understandable features that makes it easy to use to all accessing the system: clients as well as project managers.
  • The task of the function point project management software ranges from workflow management, customer relation management, time tracking, job scheduling, expense management, report creation and of course project management.

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