Seven Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Creative Agency Project Management Software

Top Seven Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Project Management Software


Implementing a project management solution can be overwhelming. You’ve probably searched the web and found a multitude of options. Project Insight would like to assist you with your search. Here are ten key questions to ask yourself and potential vendors before buying your project management software.


Implementing a project management software solution cold rather be frustrating, especially if you have few knowledge creative agencyof creative agency software like project management. This best creative software review would like to help you with your search for the best and also what suits you most. Thus we have made a list of some questions to ask yourself as well as your vendor before choosing to buy any project management software.


  1. What is the kind of product you are after and what is being offered?

There are main 3 tiers of project management solutions: the low-end items, the mid-range solutions and the high-end tools.

Low-end products are frequently great for little groups with limited requirements as those items generally do have very limited performance as well as functionality. These tools can be a great fit if your requirements are very little and your budget plan is restricted. Low-end products are typically readily available in a hosted-only environment and can be priced as low as $10/user/month.

Very first ask yourself which tier of product you are looking for, then ask the vendor where they fit in the market.

creative agency software review

This creative agency software review is offering a mid-range solution that is branded for each client, and can be personalized to fit each customer’s specific requirements which is the function point software. Function Point software boasts a robust function set that will please requiring project managers, yet it is simple enough for basic employee to adopt.

Function point software provides a Workgroup Edition also, which is rich in feature set, yet extremely cost effective. If you are considering a low end product, but require robust functions


  1. What platform is the project management software solution Based?

If you are in need of a mid-range or high-end option as your creative agency software, you will need to know exactly what platform the product is based. Why? This is because your company is making an investment for a number of years, probably. You will desire that option to be the most versatile solution around as well as the best project management software, so if your needs alter, the option can be customized. Make sure that the solution is built with market conventional platforms and languages.


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  1. How does the Software perform scheduling?


The majority of low end and mid-range creative agency software solutions have project scheduling, however tasks are arranged with tough coded dates. It is better to have a solution that can set up projects based upon the details that task supervisors supply. A project supervisor gives a project a start date, and sets up jobs with the approximate amount of work, the span of time that jobs are to be worked on, and so forth. If a task manager opts to use task relationships (predecessors and followers), then the schedule can be instantly calculated. We call it smart scheduling.

creative agency software review

The beauty of smart scheduling is if your job start date is modified, or a task duration changes, all you need to do is change that value and your whole task shifts! Many project management software products in the low-end and mid-range need task managers to go into in the start and end date for each job. Imagine the management nightmare you would have if your job start date changed and your job had 100 tasks. That would suggest a minimum of 200 manual changes to your task!


However, Function point creative agency software has intelligent scheduling which immediately calculates schedules, eliminating the management headaches connected with schedule modifications.


  1. Is the software offering a one click Microsoft Project import as well as export?

Numerous creative agency software claim to have MS Project import and export, but you need to ask, how does the option perform the import and export task? Does the product ask you to install a client side add-on? If so, that could be an additional task for you.

Does the option import all of the MS Project task types, constraints, and reliance? Does the vendor charge extra for that additional function? Many creative agency software cannot acknowledge nor import these relationships, once again removing any administrative benefits.

Request your supplier to import a 100 or a 1000 job from MS Project. Are the task relationships intact?

However, Function point creative agency software seamlessly imports and exports all major MS Project data fields, including all task types, restrictions, lead and lag time quickly and elegantly, without complex treatments.

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  1. Can the creative agency software organise separately your project teams, including customers, partners, vendors and subcontractors from each other at any level in the system?

If your aim is to use your project management software system with outdoors vendors, specialists, clients, or people from different departments, you will more than likely require multi-role and multi-level authorizations established. creative agency software review Multi-role means that you can assign different team members differing roles such as: team member, project supervisor, project report audience, timesheet approver, expense report approver, billing manager, and systems administrator.

Multi-level permissions are specified as the ability to enable team members to see certain projects, and to segregate tasks based upon the companies, groups and folders they are allowed access to.


With this creative agency software however called the function point software, what this suggests is that if you have Client A accessing the system and Client B accessing the system, you can set up task areas so that these two clients do not see each other’s projects.

Or, if you have a delicate document that you desire only one individual to see, you can establish approvals so that this individual is the only one who views this document. Job Insight’s permissions can be quite granular. If your approvals requirements are requiring, Project Insight is your answer.


  1. Can the project management software application navigation be easily function point softwarealtered?

With many project management systems, what you see is what you get. The high-level navigation is fixed. Many times, you desire the versatility to change the folder structure of the system, according to your company procedure.

With the creative agency software called the function point however, you can customize the navigation hierarchy any method you want. As long as a team member has suitable consents levels, content can be altered and customized.


Also, various members can select the design and look and feel of their individual portal pages. This customizability and flexibility allows team members to work the method they are most comfy.


  1. Can this Creative Agency Software option create templates with ease?

Although, most project management software vendor might claim that their product can make template, it is advisable to actually see this feature in active. For many teams, the tasks they work on are similar or follow similar actions. Being able to produce a task template and re-use that template is crucial.

With the function point software, you can create and store templates in a design template library. The advantage of this is that your job supervisors and project managers can get a new task working with simply a few clicks.creative agency software review


With the above top features of top creative agency software, choosing the best project management software should not be a big task. Once you identify what works for you and your company, and follow the considerations above, you are assured to choose the best.

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